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“Feedback on daughter aged 5.5 years. 1.increase in patience level. 2. Interested in music n dance 3. She remembers a lot. Memory power has improved drastically like past days, studies, reading books, etc. 4. Become more obedient n lovable 5. Become more emotional”

Deepali Kulkarni


“Feedback for a son aged 14. I thought mid brain course was great enabler for Chinmay. Memory has improved. To be able to read blind fold, identify colors with blind fold give him that extra push and adds a facet to his personality. This is not so common ability. I hope he continues with level2 and level3 with same enthusiasm. Your guidance has helped and my sincere thanks to you for getting this extra ordinary skill in Chinmay. Hope you will continue the guidance.”



“Feedback from on two daughters aged 12 and 7. Braingym was a concept that we were earlier not familiar with. We signed up both our kids for it as it presented an opportunity for them to employ the right brain. We were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which the kids managed to do the small but seemingly impossible tasks of identifying colors, words, read & solve simple math problems - blindfolded! The kids got to explore a whole new side of their latent talent. It also gave them lot of confidence. Best part is because all their peers were also able to do the same they felt it is normal - keeps them rooted ”

Seema Bhogesara


“Feedback on son aged 4.5. It's my immense pleasure to be associated with the mid brain development curriculum run by Virtuosokidz for my son Shrijit. First of all I would like to thank you for personal care for every individual child and regular feedback to achieve the goal of mid brain development. I really wonder your patience of handling our end less query and doubts. Your hard work helped to do following changes on Shrijit 1.He is attentive at the time of any activities 2.Perfection towards little things he do, like drawing, paper cutting, writing, reading 3.Interest to learn new things. 4.Started shearing ideas Another important thing I should mention here is Finger Print Analysis. It's really helped us to understand his potential and give us a path towards parenting to enrich his potential. Thanks for all your help and support. Keep doing great work. ”

Sirshendu Majumdar

IT Professional

“My son Dhruv liked this course very much, showing continuous improvement in studies, concentration, extra curricular activities such as drawing. His anger level is also coming down and now keen on listening to parents a little better than before.”

Amol Janbandhu

IT Professional

“1. My Son started listening to parents 2. His concentration seems to be improved along with memory 3. Confidence level increased one more level up”

Roshan Jadhav

IT Professional

“Feedback for son of 5.5 years. Aarav has showen a lot of improvement in behavioural aspects , his concepts are more clear now ,slight improvement can be seen in his gross moter ,he has started working in an algorithmic way and development can bee seen in his cognative behavior . ”



“Feedback on two sons aged 9 and 10 I wish to share my experience with all after your Brain -ex program First of all I would like to acknowledge Virtuosokidz and the entire team for being a huge commitment towards their participants Your concerns for the development of each and every child coming to your center is extraordinary Not just that the exercise and homework that the kids are practicing adds so many values in them morally and behaviorally I have seen a major shift in them after their sessions, theres a lot more clarity in the way they think and perceive things, the way they listen to everyone around them I have experienced a shift in the way they communicate , also their concentration levels and scores have gone up I wish to thank you all for all the love and affection your team has showered on these kids....it's overwhelming.”

Nafisa Kazi

“Feedback on son aged 11 First day it was I had to push my son for attending class but the time he was back after completing his first class he started counting minutes for the next day.Later on he was very excited for the follow-up classes.My son from past one year use to get angry on silly things and as a mother I was to much worried about his anger. After the follow-up session n every day practice he hardly get angry.He has started taking responsibility for his misbehavior.His emotional side is also been reflected after the course.He some how I feel hv started showing his love towards me.Thank u Virtuosokidz so much for getting my son closer to me.Thank u from bottom of my heart n soul.”


School Principal

“Feedback on son aged 5 I want to thank Virtuosokidz and their midbrain course ...for tirelessly working on little kids to teach these pathbreaking techniques that helps concentration, comprehension, confidence among children so they can identify and explore their area of interest and also shine at school... My son Advait has improved tremendously... What I liked about Sejal is her personal care and attention... And here is the best part... She won't give up until satisfied herself about children's brain development... Thank you so much.. ”

Parag Kulkarni

IT Professional

“Feedback for daughter aged 6. Dear team, Thanks for suggesting MBA course for my daughter. After doing this course, she is able to identify colors, objects, pictures with blindfold. She has started slowly doing sums, reading story books with blindfold. I think daily exercise , listening music and followup sessions has created this ability. After one to one session and due to other assignments , she has starting sharing her feelings , reduced regular CN watching , started watching more knowledge channels. Finger print analysis report helped me to understand my daughter better and came to know about her potential and weak areas and suggestions for improvement. Thanks for all your efforts and paying attention personally during this course. ”

Dipti Patel

IT Professional

“Feedback for son aged 8. My son started sharing.He has become responsible. He has started doing his work on his own. There is positivity in doing it, earlier he use to doubt himself whether he can do it.He has become polite now n he says sorry n thank you. His concentration and grasping power has improved. He started giving his views and ideas. He has controlled his anger. ”

Shital Ahire


“Feedback for a daughter aged 14 Isha is regularly doing brain exercises. She thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions with you and your teaching style. we also found positive differences in her behavior and studies also. ”