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Following are some of the feedbacks from parents on psychometric report and counselling.

 Feedback1:  Hi friends, some days before I got a link of psychometric-test. I had gone through that link and I thought to give that for my elder daughter so I contacted Virtuosokidz.

I want to tell u frnds that it was vry good. By giving the test and by talking with the councilor we came to know that whatever she told abt my kid was truth.

As a parent, I feel that this analysis is vry good and I hope maximum people take advantage of this technology.

I think that we parents must do this counselling of our kids at early age of 7-8. So that we get clear idea of what our kid is really good at and that vll help them for their better future. Moreover, we also got an idea for her career which she can choose after 12 th.



Hi friends

Reading one of the reviews of psychometric test,I thought of trying it for my 9 year old and contacted Virtuosokidz.

It was a simple online questionnaire followed by a detailed report and a talk with the counselor.

I was so impressed, the counselor pointed out the perfect points about my child.. And the methods to work out on it.

It also have an idea about his strong points and in which field he can pursue his career. 7-8+ is an ideal age for this test so the parents get to know how to deal with certain matters at the right time.

Hope my feedback encourages parents to go for this test and go in for good parenting


Feedback3: Feedback from a corporate trainer for his daughter.

Dear Virtuosokidz, Thank you very much. I was extremely satisfied with counselling. My daughter strengths and improvement areas were explained. Also the kind of career opportunities got evolved. As the parents, what are our dos and don’t was explained. Overall it was very practical and easy to understand. The onus is on us to practice and improve from here.Thanks once again.


Feedback4: The session was very good. It was a nice experience being exposed to a different view point about our daughter’s strengths and how we could work on the shortcomings.

We got to know our daughter better with the different areas about her sensitivity, her creativity , her interpersonal skills and how she perceives a situation. We were very delighted for the simple but very vital tips on understanding her personality and how we should be dealing with certain situations.

Feedback5: Feedback of an IT professional on psychometric test for her son

This test works like a strength finder exercise for your child and helps determine how he can work on his strength for his advantage from his day to day activities to his career aspirations. This test also shows the style of the child how he or she would react based on the situation and how to enable them given their traits.

As a parent this gave me meaningful insights on my son’s behavioral aspects and to a good extent the results were true.

Given the multiple options available today this helps chose the direction based on the liking and area of interest.

Feedback6: One more feedback of a mom on psychometric counseling for her daughter.

“I liked it and considering doing it for myself.

Few points like methods to improve self control by planning creatively etc are very helpful”

After this mother got the psychometric test done for herself and then conducted for her son also.

Feedback7: Virtuosokidz

Thanks a lot for the entire exercise of psychometric test and counseling.

The session with expert was indeed useful. It has helped us to understand Ashmit’s nature better and logically explain why Ashmit behaves in certain ways in certain situations.

Also, the remedies suggested by her seems to be plausible.

Overall the session was useful and interesting.

Thanks a lot.

Feedback8: Feedback of a mom on psychometric report and counseling for her daughter

Dear Virtuosokidz

Thank you very much..

We were very happy with test and counselling. ..It has helped to understand my daughter’s nature and her behaviour in certain situations. .we got to know our daughter’s  creativity. .her strength. .her skills..we were happy the tips and solution given by the counsellor which will help us to understand her in a better way and to enhance her  inner qualities

Thank you once again..God bless you..

Feedback9: Feedback of an IT professional on psychometric analysis and counseling for her daughter

The discussion was good. she gave me 90day implementation plan to improve the repetitive skills of my daughter.I think I understand my daughter better now. Thank you for the session organized.


Feedback10: Feedback of mom on psychometric analysis n counseling of her daughter

The counselling was quite helpful and satisfactory, and cleared most of my queries regarding my daughter and her future. I found out more in depth information about her and discovered new prospects for her future. I also came to know some more focus areas for us to work on.