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Play Therapy


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation “– Plato

Play is an integral part of Our lives. It is especially important for children for their healthy development. Play Therapy is based on this simple fact that generally, all children like to play & they express themselves through play. Just like adults, children experience a range of emotions every day. They feel happy, sad, anxious, fearful etc. They may not have the verbal ability to express themselves so they do it through Play. Play become symbolic. Play therapy is all about understanding the child’s play. understanding what he is trying to convey & then deciding the course of action. Play therapist plays a very important role. Success or failure of therapy depends on relationship he builds with the child. The trust that develops between him & child is the starting point. The type of play material he chooses, the stress free environment he creates in play therapy room, his observation, interpretation of child’s play is very important . Many times, parents are also involved which helps to improve the relationship between the parent & child

Play therapy is one of the most informal, relaxed and child-friendly therapy techniques.

Play therapy works best for children from 3-12 years of age having emotional & behavioural problems, like ADHD, anxiety, depression, and many adjustment disorders. It is found to be very helpful not only in private settings but also in schools, hospitals, adoption centres, various NGOS working for children. Children from all strata of society enjoy the therapy & benefit from it too.

Play Therapist – Anupama Ganu

I am working as Play Therapist for last 11 years. I did my masters in Child development from Mumbai university (gold medallist) then did a course in family therapy in Minnesota, USA. I was trained as a Play Therapist by Dr. Meera Oke. I am working with Dr. Sanyogita Nadkarni (Mind brain Solutions) for last 6 years. We have a private clinic & we work with NGOs as well.