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Virtuoso kidz is a self-motivated team of professionals who are on a mission to spread awareness about various programs and products that would be beneficial to children. Virtuoso Kidz is committed to bringing a revolutionary change in learning skills for students.

Virtuosokidz started in the year 2016 in Pune, with an idea to tap the modern middle class parents and involving them in their children’s personality development. We are committed to creating a new reality where children do not continue to be part of the rat-race and instead, be empowered to pursue their real interests and excel in areas that they really possess abilities in.  We envision a world where education is not a burden, but an enabler to make the world a better place!

Virtuoso Kidz has been started with a view to bridge the yawning gap between parents and their kids by thaving tie up with like minded people and later starting a separate blog on WordPress. This has been done with a two-fold view of connecting the two groups and also allowing both students and parents to shed their inhibitions on so called “taboo”topics.

It is common knowledge that the Indian education system, focuses more on stuffing information in the minds of children, rather than shaping them with practical understanding and knowledge, which they can further use to outline a successful career. The system tends to overlook the specific learning needs of children with special needs, subsequently resulting in immense stress.

An alarming number of students commit suicides in India due to exam related stress. This makes it imperative for parents to take cognizance of the situation and do what’s best for their kids.

You must participate in the moulding of the character and career of your child not just by paying up his fees but by playing an active role in appreciating the special inherent talent of your child, and strategise suitable learning methods around your kid’s needs.


A major problem Indian parents suffer with is the “log kya kahenge” syndrome. At such times it becomes essential to pick up your child and accept that his talent has his copyright and it is EXCLUSIVE! If he is a naturalist, a writer, an engineer or a lawyer in the making the first step to good parenting is “Acceptance.” Far too many parents have unwittingly become the cause for their children to become failures due to their pushing them towards fields that were never their calling.

This is why DMIT, Child and parent Counseling, Graphology becomes so important. Once a child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified a parent can nurture the child in the right way so that when he grows up he is at complete ease with his professional life and in doing so he is able to strike a definite balance between his private and public life.


Remember to thank us when your child makes it big!

Our aim is – Lets create a world of alive and fun filled children.